Coming to fruition: the sparkling

It’s Tuesday night and I’m lying in bed winding down from the day. The heat in the Mountains was kind of lovely today as long as I only took in small doses, and tonight the weather feels just fine. It feels like Friday night and I think that must be good, because I love Friday nights!

I heard myself today on the phone say to one of our suppliers that I feel great about where we are headed (our business that is), that everything is moving in the direction we (I) want. I still hear the happiness in my voice when I said those words, and I still believe it tonight.

Aside: What I love about this (writing here) is the freedom to have no desire but to write. To be able to just say things I want to, and not say things I don’t want to.

Twice in the last week I went to Facebook and started writing my regular shoutout to new clients and to fans, and both times my writing became a story. So tonight, the second time this happened, I shifted straight here to my blog to just flesh it out and put it down on paper (aka iPhone).

Of course I do want to say welcome to our new clients and thank you to those that continue to come back for more. Of course I want to say thank you to all our social fans and all those people that continue to encourage me to keep doing, keep innovating and keep going. But, clearly, my mind has more to say!

So why do I feel great about the direction in which we’re headed? What direction is this and how did we get here?

This is the part about discovery, proven ability, trust and pushing through. This is when faith and hard work come together, and what God does is just open an awesome long stretch of clouds right up over my head (actually over our house, our studio (The Lounge), our garage, our backyard, our suburb, our clients and our friends) and shine out massive rays of light right down on me, and…

explosions happen, sparkles and stars, breathtaking revelations come and the final piece de resistance is the settling of beautiful, crystal clear, delicate and precise clarity like golden sunshine all over our lawn!

WOW-WEEEEE!!!!! It’s magnificent. It’s beyond magical, it’s majestic!

So that, my friends, is the ‘great’ I feel.

If you’ve followed my blog, or me, for a while now, you’ll see quite plainly how God works, and how I work. Obviously, my work is nothing like God’s, but what you see is that I work and out comes tiredness and questions, sometimes wins, sometimes losses, feelings of confidence and feelings of doubt, then the planning: where I am going, where have I been? Am I on track? Have I reviewed, measured, strategised, planned?

Then comes God’s work into the picture. He’s subtle (He’s very elegant, He never forces Himself on me). He starts to build the foundation around me:

He sets up our business (check)
He sets up our home (check)
He sets up our knowledge (check)

He sets up the community (check)
He sets up the people we need (check)
He sets up the framework we need (check)

He sets up the motivators, the planners, and the supporters (check)

He sets up the products, the name, and the timeframe (check)

He sets the foundation and then He waits…

for me.

Last night, I caught up to where He has me, and with two amazing supporters present, God revealed the sunshine all over my lawn!

THAT is how He works!! I don’t think I could describe it any better. (I’m sure He could!)

So, in a nutshell, last night it all came together and my direction is clear! In 2015, I will become a beautiful product of His plan, and best of all we have so many amazing businesses, motivators, friends, supporters, partners and fans that are joining us on this journey.

I’m sparkling, and I hope you’ll sparkle majestically on this journey with me too!!!


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