Untitled in love, dreaming of beauty

On 13 March 2015 as I was battling a horrible flu, I wrote (but didn’t publish) the following…

It’s a dream.

I had a dream last night where I looked just gorgeous, and I was wearing an amazing half white and half black pearl necklace. My dress was not really a dress, it was more like an ‘I dream of Jeanie’ black belly dancers costume. My hair was a gorgeous dark blonde and my face looked magnificent. I was in love (probably with myself!) and there was no (available) door that could be shut between me and the outside world. The only door that I might have been able to use was blue on one side and white on the other, but the cafe owner, who naturally ran his cafe from my ‘home (which was actually just a big room with glass walls and no doors, and a cafe on one end)’, kept writing the menu on the blue side with white chalk using the door as his specials board!

So, black and white, blue and white, coffee and chalk, and immense love were the themes of my dream…

I am a big dreamer. By big, I mean that my dreams are usually fantastic (i.e. of or related to fantasy) and exciting.

I’m a movie star on horseback riding through forests away from danger as the world is ending and debris and destruction is flying everywhere.

I’m climbing up the glass sliding doors of banks, from the inside, trying to escape from the teller who has locked me in.

I am being operated on while I’m awake. My ankle bones have crumbled almost completely and are being replaced with new bones by doctor’s making jokes to take my mind off the pain.

Usually my dreams relate to my thoughts of the day or are my own perceived outcome of a situation.

What can this dream of beauty mean? I’m sure I know.

  • Open doors to the outside world
  • Love immensely
  • You are beautiful!
  • Treasure what is valuable
  • Always take the time for a coffee
  • Black will always be in fashion.

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