At night

At night I find I’m repeating
I can’t sleep
I worry
What am I trying to achieve
Why am I awake
At night

I don’t pray and I forget God
But He makes anything possible

I walked yesterday
I mean the day before
It’s now almost 4am
It’s two days after yesterday
When I walked

It rained we held umbrellas
And a dog leash
I puffed I’m not fit
I’m tired it’s 4am
At night

Why do they kill big game

I shut out and pretend
Depression makes that possible

I’m ok but I’m not
Each night
At night

Discovery is imminent
Fame and fortune help they do
Hush don’t say it
Money honey

People say the rich aren’t happy
They aren’t happy
People say the poor are rich
They aren’t poor
The meek shall inherit the earth

Can you push a camel through a needle hole

The superior sex
Equal sexes
Shoot to kill

Whistle cheer celebrate
Champagne paté
At night

The opal
In the day
We eat
At night


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