At night

At night I find I'm repeating I can't sleep I worry What am I trying to achieve Why am I awake At night I don't pray and I forget God But He makes anything possible I walked yesterday I mean the day before It's now almost 4am It's two days after yesterday When I walked… Continue reading At night


Sheep herder of God

Words spiral like the barrel of a revolver, long shade, cold winds, flames on hot coal burning. Gifts open doors, unlock the Spirit of Christ, open righteousness, receive deliverance, call others to the fold. Sheep herders of God, gather your flock, though the sheep are stubborn and strong, they are your talent and each of… Continue reading Sheep herder of God

Dog Days

Snippets of totalitarian brutality Adopt a terrorist for prayer Texan pug's chew toys revolt Red watercolour paint stains puppy fur Sleep makes front page as most wanted Naked body on my bed Skin needs caressing Sleep better than food Dreams about obstacle courses make happy endings Lace-up roller skates interdit Speed kills Play your guitar… Continue reading Dog Days